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Growing delphinium as a cut flower crop can have its challenges, but if you follow an orderly process, it can be a very rewarding flower to grow. Space your plants 1 to 3 ft. Mulch protects delphinium in a couple of ways:

Growing Delphinium As A Cut Flower Crop Can Have Its Challenges, But If You Follow An Orderly Process, It Can Be A Very Rewarding Flower To Grow.

Place the delphinium seeds on the surface of the compost, spacing them one inch apart. The seeds will then fallout from the delphinium seed pods. Delphiniums may be grown from seed, but this can be quite challenging.

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Protect new growth from slug and snail damage. There are two steps to successful delphinium germination: Mist it with water and gently firm the.

Delphinium Is A Genus Consisting Of Over 300 Species—Some Are Annuals, Others Are Biennials Or Perennials.

Delphinium is a genus consisting of over 300 species—some are annuals, others are biennials or perennials. You don’t need to do much in the way of fertilizing, but you can do so in the spring, if you so choose, when the plant has first begun to grow. Prepare the soil before planting.

For The Seeds To Germinate Properly And Yield The Desired Flowers, The Soil Temperature Should Not Exceed 13 Degrees Celsius.

Plant your delphinium at the same depth it was growing in the pot,. Store the seed in the refrigerator in a sealed container until ready to plant. Mix plenty of compost or other organic matter into the soil.

You Can Also Fertilize During The Flowering Period.

The plants grow quickly and are ready for planting out by the end of may, or earlier in a warm spring. Harvest and saved delphinium seeds can be used the following year to grow new beautiful flowers on from seed. Plant in fertile soil in full sun.


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