Incredible Toothpaste Pregnancy Test Positive References. You can pour the urine directly or use a dropper for it. Urinate in a separate cup.

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There are, however, contradicting opinions about the test’s validity. To try the toothpaste pregnancy test, it's said that you simply need to mix your usual paste with a small amount of urine. If the result of the toothpaste pregnancy test is positive, the colour of the mixture will change, or it will become frothy, or form bubbles.

Combine Two Teaspoons Of Urine With A Single Lump Of Toothpaste.

Steps for performing the test. After that, the mixture of urine and toothpaste will either turn blue or become frothy. However, the toothpaste pregnancy test does not work.

Positive Tests Are Indicated By Bubbling, Frothy And/Or A Blue Or Bluish Color To The Toothpaste.

It is best to take this test at least 1 week after your missed period, as this is when the hormones will. Steps to take the toothpaste pregnancy test. Take your urine sample in a cup.

Use A Clean Stick To Stir And Mix The Toothpaste And The Urine.

Here's how to take the diy toothpaste pregnancy test, according to some video tutorials on youtube: The mixture should provide you with results that are more accurate. Similarly, a “negative” pregnancy toothpaste test could just that their urine

If The Result Of The Toothpaste Pregnancy Test Is Positive, The Colour Of The Mixture Will Change, Or It Will Become Frothy, Or Form Bubbles.

What the toothpaste pregnancy test is. You can use any toothpaste but make sure it should be white in colour.take two tablespoons of white toothpaste in a container and add the urine sample to it. “some sensitive pregnancy tests can be positive as early as 12 days after fertilisation i.e.

Fill The Bottom Of A Small Cup With A Layer Of White Toothpaste Squeezed From A Tube (Brand Doesn't Matter).

Here’s how you can perform the toothpaste pregnancy test: Add a few drops of urine (how many drops seems to be up for debate). However, this is not an accurate pregnancy test.


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