+10 Thistle Seed Sock Feeder 2022. Because the seed needs just a bit more room to get out, i lengthened the holes just slightly by pulling the tube sideways while the drill was running. This seed goes by other names, including niger and nyger.

Nyger Thistle Seed Sock Bird Feeder Sack
Nyger Thistle Seed Sock Bird Feeder Sack from sock.bird-feeder.org

Also known as thistle seed, this small oilseed is heat treated so it is less likely to sprout in your yard. You probably will want to place your feeder where you will be able to watch the birds feed. You will also want the placement to be in a location where you can keep a vigilant eye over the feeder, in order to refill the feeders when seed is.

Nyjer Bird Seed Has Many Names Or Spellings.

Thistle socks are easy to fill using a funnel or pouring seed from a bag. Add the seed and hang. Since the tube can trap water, and water can cause the seed to.

Nyjer Is A Highly Nutritious And Popular Wild Bird Food With Has A Long Spiky Seed.

Wild finches prefer the straight replacement sacks to find food, over tube feeders. Earning the top spot is a finch feeder that serves only finches. Thistle socks are sealed using our.

The Feeder's Unique Squiggle Sock Holds 2.75 Quarts Of Seed To Make For Less Refilling.

Nyjer seed is harvested and, if it’s coming from outside of the united states, which most of it is, it has to be heat treated first. Inserting their beaks into the holes of the soft pliable material of a sock and pulling out a seed. A thistle sock is a type of thistle feeder made with an open weave fabric mesh that resembles a sock.

Because The Seed Needs Just A Bit More Room To Get Out, I Lengthened The Holes Just Slightly By Pulling The Tube Sideways While The Drill Was Running.

Product title pacific bird nyjer seed feeder finch thistle sock wh. Draw in a crowd of finches with this triple tube thistle feeder. You will get 6 bird sock feeders and 2 piece food funnel, or 1 bird sock feeder and 1 food funnel.

6 Best Finch Feeders Comparison.

Nyjer seed is not thistle seed. It is recomended that you clean your feeders at least once every two weeks. Thistle feeders are designed to dispense very small seeds to attract the tiniest of the finches.


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