Incredible Sugar Honey Lemon Face Scrub 2022. Use a spoon or scoop and don't double dip. Top the jar with the lid.

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In a small bowl, combine the sugar and lemon juice. Mix lemon juice and olive oil in a bowl; If you prefer a looser scrub, just add more oil.

Use Scrub On Lips, Face, Body, Etc.

Mix the sugar, honey and essential oil (if using) together until well combined. The benefits of lemon and sugar scrub are wonderful and help your skin in many ways. Be gentler on your inner thighs and chest area—and especially on the face.

Add Sugar And Mix Well.

Store scrub in airtight container in fridge for up to three days. Watch popular content from the following creators: Add sugar, oil, and honey to bowl and mix.

Just Have A Look At The 4 Ingredients In This Sugar Scrub:

Apply small amounts of the honey sugar lemon scrub for each body part and rub or massage, with a little bit of pressure, in a circular motion. __1.__slice a lemon and squeeze both halves into a small bowl (minus the seeds, of course). These ingredients are all beneficial on their own, but combined, they have an entirely different use.

If You Prefer A Looser Scrub, Just Add More Oil.

Place the scrub on the ledge of the shower, out of the stream of water. Stir the mixture as you add a quart cup of water. But after 24 hours, both ingredients would melt into each other and you’d have yourself a sticky caramel brown sugar honey scrub.

Brown Sugar, Coconut Oil, Organic Raw Honey And Fresh Lime Or Lemon Juice.

In a small bowl, combine the sugar and lemon juice. Now, on to the scrub and its 4 simple yet effective ingredients! Lemon juice is extolled for its lightening abilities, which can ease the prominence of patches of irregularly darkened skin often referred to as age spots.


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