Famous Sea Salt Face Scrub Recipe 2022. Add the fractionated coconut oil, essential oils and spirulina powder. After mixing them properly add this solution in a spray bottle.

Maria Sself Chekmarev July 2014
Maria Sself Chekmarev July 2014 from www.mariasself.com

Use a metal spoon to stir your salts. I prefer not to use this salt scrub on my face as i find it too abrasive but if you’d like to use it. Melt the shea butter and olivem.

Add Essential Oil And Mix Well.

Apply it on your body and face. Mix them together in a bowl. In place of water, you can use any essential oil or rose water.

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The heat from your hands will slightly melt the coconut oil enough. Then spray this solution on dry and clean face twice daily. Measure your dead sea salt into a metal or glass bowl.

Find Steam Distilled Lime Essential Oil Here, Or You Can Use This Steam Distilled Lemon.

The acids present in lemon help to absorb excess oil from the face. Peppermint is also great and has a cooling sensation on the skin. Lightly mix all the ingredients so that they come together into a paste.

Put 1 Cup Of Sea Salt In A Bowl.

Sea salt is an excellent exfoliator as it has high. Drizzle in enough vinegar to soften the mixture and. Continue to mix the scrub until it starts to thicken.

Whisk Together Honey & Olive Oil.

Gather your ingredients, tools, and choose which essential oils you’d like to use to scent your scrub. A popular choice is lavender, which is relaxing and is soothing to the skin. 8 oz liquid soap, 1.5 tbsp melt & pour soap base.


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