List Of How To Grow Dhania At Home In Hindi Ideas. Sow the seeds and preserve the soil moist all of the instances, container ought to be stored in oblique daylight. Hydroponic system is finest for rising crops like mint, coriander, chickp.

Stuffed Bhindi Clean Eating with Saee
Stuffed Bhindi Clean Eating with Saee from

Now begin filling the pot with soil that drains quick. The pot by which coriander is planted ought to be sufficiently large in order that it might probably maintain the plant which is grown fully. ल टस य ल ट य स ज सक हम सल द पत त क न म स ज नत ह , आप इस अपन घर पर अपन क चन ग र डन म आस न स उग सकत ह । ल टस एक प रक र क पत त द र सब ज ह ज सक उपय ग आप कई प रक र क व य.

अगर आप ऐसा सोच रहे हैं तो ऐसा बिलकुल नहीं है। बगीचे में सब्ज़ियाँ.

Pick solely leaves & stems not the whole stalk. घर पर फ लग भ क स उग ए , यह पर अपन ट र स ग र डन य ह म ग र डन म फ लग भ क ग र करन क तर क क ब र म ज नक र द गई ह । इसस आप अपन घर पर ह फ र श फ लग भ क प र प त कर सकत ह । the right way to develop cauliflower at residence in hindi Do watch this video to learn about rising mint in water even at your kitchen window.

Dhania / Coriander Does Not Like To Grow In Shallow Soil.

How to develop lettuce at residence in hindi: Friends right here is a simple solution to develop coriander leaves at residence utilizing seeds, it’s quick and straightforward to develop technique. Make certain the roots can get deep soil.

You Just Have To Crush The Seeds Lightly, So That They Split Into Halves.

So, begin rising your ginger plant. For rising dhaniya at residence, you want a large container with drainage holes, all goal potting soil and dhaniya seeds. So, begin rising your ginger plant.

In This Guide, I Will Share A Step By Step Guide To Grow.

Now transplant these seeds into the specified container. Wednesday, april 22, 2015, 9:29 [ist] You can then sow them instantly right into a pot.

How To Grow Tomatoes At Home In Hindi:

How to develop mint at residence in hindi आप घर पर म ट ट क ब न प न म प द न उग सकत ह , म ट ट , गमल और ख द, य च ज आपक क चन ग र डन म प द न क उग न क ल ए जर र नह ह । आप इन ट प स और ट र क स क फ ल करक अपन क चन ग र डन म. Now begin filling the pot with soil that drains quick. Try it out now for recent coriander leaves direc.


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