+10 Lesco Sun & Shade Park Seed Mixture 2022. Lawn spreaders are designed to move fertilizer and. Fine fescue will thrive in moderate shade.

Lesco Transition Blend Grass Seed — PlantingTree
Lesco Transition Blend Grass Seed — PlantingTree from www.plantingtree.com

Grass seed blend always provides a durable turf that will tolerate heat, shade, drought, and traffic. Sunny select mix will do well under a wide range of maintenance levels and can be established in full sun to lightly shaded conditions. How to plant grass seed.

Scotts Turf Builder Grass Seed Sun & Shade Mix:

Provides excellent drought and wear tolerance. Types of lesco seed grass 2.1. Test to be sure your lawn ph is between 6.0 and 7.4.

Sunny Select Mix Will Do Well Under A Wide Range Of Maintenance Levels And Can Be Established In Full Sun To Lightly Shaded Conditions.

Lawn spreaders are designed to move fertilizer and. This seed grows best in sun and shade. Spreader settings for lesco products vary according to pound concentrations per square foot, with settings divided according to letters, such as c1, d, e and g, and numbers, such as 9, 14, 15 and 16.

Designed To Grow In Sunny Or Shaded Areas With 4 To 10 Hours Of Sunlight Per Day.

Plant seed in sun or shade turf areas. Sunny select mix will provide turf with a fine. Fall application of 75 percent of the annual fertilization is preferred.

Germination Should Be Visible Within 14 Days;

All about lesco grass seeds 2. The lesco premium sun and shade grass seed features a combination of bluegrass, fine fescue and ryegrass. Here are some of the growing conditions:

Adapts To A Wide Range Of Growing Conditions.

Lesco sun and shade park seed mix is the perfect choice. Reviews (0) jonathan green contractor’s grass seed mixture is the ideal grass seed for soil stabilization or temporary lawn seeding. If you really want that high end kb lawn look at the 70/30 mix.


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