Awasome How To Prep Your Skin For Dermaplaning At Home References. A sharp tool — not unlike a scalpel — is used to scrape off the top layer of the skin, says stalina glot, an. There are a few key things to remember, when doing this at home.

How to Dermaplane at Home + Why You Should! Fed & Fit
How to Dermaplane at Home + Why You Should! Fed & Fit from

Make sure skin is clean and very dry. 70% isopropyl alcohol (ipa) is the most effective. Getty images/delmaine donson by shea simmons feb.

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Properly cleanse with a gentle cleanser and make sure all makeup is removed from the skin. You can use the razors 2×3 times each, but always clean them with rubbing alcohol in between uses. 1) a normal women’s razor you'd use on your legs (just make sure it’s not actually the one you use on your legs), 2) a women’s facial hair trimmer, or 3) an eyebrow shaper.

For Best Results, Work In Small Sections, And Always Shave Downwards, With The Direction Of The Hair.

Dermaplaning, especially when performed by a professional, is meant to remove surface layers of the skin, which may help the appearance of scarring.¹. A double cleanse is best to ensure your skin has been completely cleansed. Dermaplaning can remove unwanted vellus facial hair, but if you also do regular facial waxing to deal with the actual hair of your eyebrows, upper lip, or chin, make sure to schedule your waxing appointment at least a couple of weeks before your dermaplaning appointment to avoid harsh irritation.

Small, Short Strokes Are Best.

Keeping the skin dry will give better results. Here’s how to do a dermaplane facial at home: You’ll want to keep your skin taught by holding it between two fingers (on the same hand), while you hold the tool in the other hand and execute the stroke.

Go To Your Waxing Appointment Earlier.

Getty images/delmaine donson by shea simmons feb. Once you are through with one area, repeat the exercise on other parts on the face. 70% isopropyl alcohol (ipa) is the most effective.

Hold Your Skin Taught And Shave At A 45 Degree Angle.

Pulling your skin tight will allow you to access the full surface of your skin. How to dermaplane at home. Be sure to use sunscreen that protects against uva, uvb, and.


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