Awasome How To Prep Skin For Dermaplaning At Home Ideas. Shaving in an upward direction is more likely to cause ingrown hairs, breakouts, and cuts. Plus, a variety of skin types can dermaplane, including those with acne scars, dry skin, dull skin, wrinkled skin, or even slightly sun damaged skin.

best at home dermaplaning tool 2019 Kobo Guide
best at home dermaplaning tool 2019 Kobo Guide from

1) a normal women’s razor you'd use on your legs (just make sure it’s not actually the one you use on your legs), 2) a women’s facial hair trimmer, or 3) an eyebrow shaper. This includes exfoliants that contain ahas, bhas, enzymes, microbeads, and retinoids as these products are more than likely to thin your skin. Hold the sonicsmooth in your dominant hand, and use your other hand to pull your skin taut.

For Any Facial Treatment, The First Step After You’ve Picked Out The Best Beauty Tool For The Treatment Is To Thoroughly Cleanse Your Face.

A double cleanse is best to ensure your skin has been completely cleansed. Pull your skin tight to get the closest shave. Properly cleanse with a gentle cleanser and make sure all makeup is removed from the skin.

Dermaplaning Can Make Your Skin Feel Smoother, Which Can Make Makeup Application Feel Like A Breeze.

Actually, the descending motion makes sure that the blade doesn’t go against the hair’s direction of growth. Here’s how to do a dermaplane facial at home: Beginning at the ankle, pull the skin taut and use light, feather strokes as you work up towards the knee.

Your Jawline Will Need Special Attention Because The Skin Is Thin And You Have To.

You should also thoroughly clean your dermaplane blade and double cleanse if you need to. Compare painting on a sheet of paper to painting on concrete. ( click here to schedule a complimentary consultation at beauty by allison today.) 2.

Plus, A Variety Of Skin Types Can Dermaplane, Including Those With Acne Scars, Dry Skin, Dull Skin, Wrinkled Skin, Or Even Slightly Sun Damaged Skin.

Dry, but do not moisturize. Simply put, dermaplaning is a form of exfoliation. Using short strokes, slowly shave your face in a downward motion.

Dermaplaning At Home At First Can Seem A Bit Intimidating,” Benjamin Acknowledges, “But Once You Get The Hang Of It, It Will Go Quickly And Become Second Nature.”.

Shaving in an upward direction is more likely to cause ingrown hairs, breakouts, and cuts. Small, short strokes are best. As a general rule, you should stop using any exfoliants 5 to 7 days prior to your dermaplaning treatment.


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