The Best How To Plant An Avocado Seed In The Ground Ideas. Starting avocado from seed in water. Change the water every couple of days so it doesn’t get slimy.

Growing an Avocado from a Pit ThriftyFun
Growing an Avocado from a Pit ThriftyFun from

Plant the seed so that the pointed end is about an inch above the soil surface. Plant the seed in a pot of compost. When it is ready to be transplanted, cut it into 1.

Plant The Seed In A Pot Of Compost.

Avocado tree care must include deep, thorough watering when the growing season is in full swing. A seed is buried in the ground with a dull side on this site it has roots for two thirds and watered. Seal the bag and place in a warm, dark place.

Plant The Seed So That The Pointed End Is About An Inch Above The Soil Surface.

Rinse and dry the seed. Check the bag once a week. Most avocado varieties need to have mild temperatures and good humidity to grow outdoors.

Gently Pat The Soil To Firm It Up Around The Seed, Taking Care Not To Damage The Roots.

It’s best to water it frequently and deep soak it occasionally. When it is ready to be transplanted, cut it into 1. Place the pot in a warm area with plenty of sunlight.

Remove Any Hang On Skin From The Fat End Of The Seed, And Stick The Lower Two Thirds Into The Soil, Pointy End Upwards.

The trees benefit from fertilization in february through september. The pointed end of the pit should face up and the fatter, flatter end down. Adjust soil height if necessary to keep it buried two thirds in.

Make Sure The Seed Gets Adequate Indirect Sunlight To Encourage Growth.

Each time the plant grows another 6 inches pinch out the 2 newest sets of leaves on. Pierce the avocado pit with 4 toothpicks evenly around its circumference. You will be able to use the toothpicks as scaffolds to keep the lower portion in water.


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