+10 How To Make The Blankets You Tie Together 2022. So this is for youclick here: Insert your needle making sure to include the bottom layer of the blanket.

Katie's Kid Crafts Tie Blankets
Katie's Kid Crafts Tie Blankets from katieskidcrafts.blogspot.com

Pin the two pieces of fleece together 6″ from the edge all the way. To make a no sew blanket, cut 2 pieces of fleece and place cotton batting in the middle of 1 of the pieces so you have a fleece border all the way around. You may see the blanket turning in as you go along.

So You Don't Have To Sew The Blankets, They Aren't Going To Unravel.

The softer the material, the more slippery it is. The next step is to tie each of the top and bottom slits together into a double knot. This part is time consuming but will finish quickly once you get the hang of it.

Trim Selvage Edge From All The Fleece Fabric.

Place the two pieces of fleece together with the back sides together. This will prevent bunching in the corners, will make it look tidier and make it easier to tie. How to make a tie blanket from fleece:

Measure, Mark, And Cut A 4″ Square Off Each Corner Through Both Pieces Or You.

Do you have a dog or cat at home? If you have that 4×4 paper handy, it. So this is for youclick here:

To Make Corners You Take The Length Of Your Strips, Say 4 Inches, And Cut Out A Square 4 Inches Wide At The End.

Lay and line up the two layers. For the the braided no sew fleece blanket the corners are 3″ by 3″ or you can just use the template. Keeping both pieces of fabric together, measure a 7″ square in each corner and cut out.

This Has To Be The Easiest Way To Make A Blanket With No Sewing Required!

If using two pieces, line up wrong sides together. Choose an edge to start with and fold the two layers up about an inch and a half. Next, pin the 2 pieces.


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