The Best How To Grow Cilantro Plant At Home Ideas. Before you begin cultivating cilantro, make sure you prepare the soil by adding compost and other organic matter to the planting area. Spread the seeds across the top of the potting mix, keeping them about two inches apart.

Grow coriander cilantro in a colander at home
Grow coriander cilantro in a colander at home from

If you also use a growing light, growing the cilantro inside will be more successful. Growing from seed is the most reliable way to propagate cilantro, but you can also try cuttings. Place the container in a sunny location.

This Herb Prefers A Neutral Ph Of 6.2 To 6.8, But It Can Grow In Any Rich, Moist Soil.

In this video, i show you how you can grow the most luscious crop of cilantro, right from seed, indoors, any time of the. Improve native soil by mixing in several inches of aged compost or other rich organic matter. Place the container in a sunny location.

To Prevent Root Rot, You Should Only Have This Plant In A Pot That Has Drainage Holes.

A support structure shouldn’t be. The secret is to give cilantro deep soil for the roots, try placing the plant in partial shade, pick frequently, and resow several times. Fill with a good potting soil mix.

In Late Spring Or Fall (Before Or After.

To speed things up, you can soak them in water for 44554 hours before planting. To combat these diseases, you want plenty of airflow for the plant to grow. Thin seedlings to about 6 to 8 inches apart.

Growing From Seed Is The Most Reliable Way To Propagate Cilantro, But You Can Also Try Cuttings.

Sow cilantro seeds about ¼ inch deep and 18 inches apart in a sunny windowsill or under grow lights. Fill with a good potting soil mix. You can grow cilantro in a pot.

The Umbel (Cluster) Of Flowers That Forms At The Top Of The Plant Is Highly Attractive To Beneficial Predatory Insects.

Prepare the soil by working compost or organic matter at least 18 inches deep, and then rake smooth. Choose a container at least eight inches deep and wide, with a drainage hole in the bottom. Let it sit in gentle, indirect sunlight where it won’t get too cold.


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