Awasome How Do I Repot An Aloe Vera Plant References. Find each baby plant and see if you can pull it away from the main plant easily. It’s not the end of the world if a leaf.

How To Repot Aloe vera Pups An immersive guide by Trillium Living
How To Repot Aloe vera Pups An immersive guide by Trillium Living from

Set the plant in the new pot and dribble soil over the roots; It’s not the end of the world if a leaf. Pour soil mix in the new pot and water just enough to moisten.

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Find the leggy or too long stem that is bending sideways then you need to cut that stem or leaf and all those that seem limp or fall off downward, this can solve the legginess in aloe plants. Cut or slit open your plastic container straight down on the side to the bottom of the container. Lots of other aloes exist and are available to buy, so if you do plan to grow an aloe for the gel in its leaves, make sure it is definitely aloe vera first.

Place Them In A Warm Area With Indirect Sunlight.

It is recommended to repot your aloe vera once a year or less, depending upon the size of your plant. Now cut down the aloe plant from the base you may see white portion that is growing roots, you may need to cut. If any pups are present, you should be able to pull them apart from the main root mass.

Take A Plastic Pot And Make A Big Hole At The Bottom Bigger Than The Plant’s Stem.

Will investigate the roots (as step 3 above) but wait as suggested. Some aloe plants can be prickly. Plant it no deeper than it was growing out of the ground at before.

Find Each Baby Plant And See If You Can Pull It Away From The Main Plant Easily.

Has your aloe vera gotten a bit too large for its current home? If your aloe plant has a stem, make sure that the entire stem can fit. Need a new pot and perlite anyway.

Squeeze The Sides Of A Flexible Pot To Loosen The Soil, Or Run A Trowel Or Your Fingers Carefully Around The Inner.

When full, firm soil gently. However, this is not an absolute rule for all aloe vera plants. I recommend repotting your aloe vera outside.


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