The Best Hanging Plants Without Damaging Ceiling Ideas. Monstera adansonii narrow form hanging basket. The doorway without a door.

How To Hang Plants From The Ceiling Without Drilling Shelly Lighting
How To Hang Plants From The Ceiling Without Drilling Shelly Lighting from

Try growing these patio plants this season. If you are drilling into drywall, make sure the hook comes with toggles as well. Learn how to hang plants from the ceiling and other ways of adding plants to your home design.

Keep These In A Humid And Evenly Lit Spot In Your Home.

Hang your plants without holes. Put the toggles on the bolt of the hook and push them both. I happen to have some metal beams in my home and i didn't want to drill extra holes in spots that i didn't need to, he says.

Whether Due To A Lack Of Space, Keeping Animals Safe, Or Simply Aesthetics, The Stylish Trend Of Hanging Plants Has Grown In Popularity.

Once you have the adhesive, peel off the cover and stick the hook on the wall or ceiling. Some of these include the baby rubber plant, the pepper elder, the radiator plant, and the shining bush plant. You can get them online or from most office supply.

Use The Drill To Drill The Hole For The Hook.

Make use of adhesive hooks. That allows you to mix and match the plants and create a gorgeous look. Morning glory is not a standard suggestion for an indoor hanging plant, but it’s actually one of my favorites because it’s so easy to grow!

Hang Plants From Your Ceiling Using An Adhesive Hook.

These coat stands are particularly suitable for hanging your plant propagation stations. Create your own indoor garden by adding hanging plants to your home. Maidenhair fern (adiantum) this gorgeous indoor hanging plant derives its name from its delicate look.

When A Wall Isn’t A Wall Or A Door Isn’t A Door.

Hang your plant over the hook by using a loop. 6″ satin pothos + striped noir planter basket. Ways to hang plants from ceiling without drilling.


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