Awasome Hanging Plant Drywall Ceiling 2022. Using your stud finder, locate a joist that you can drill into. I do not trust that rating, but that is the rating none the less.

How to Hang a Planter From the Ceiling Toggle Bolt Installation Tips
How to Hang a Planter From the Ceiling Toggle Bolt Installation Tips from

For bright light to bright indirect light: Monstera adansonii narrow form hanging basket. Ways to hang plants from ceiling without drilling.

Attach The Hook To An Air Vent Or Metal Fixture From Your Ceiling.

Gather your materials and tools. Creeping fig, nepenthes, string of hearts. Decide where you want to hang the plant.

Making A Hole In The Ceiling.

With bar clamps, an adjustable jaw slides on a metal rail. Once the lift is out of the way, i fasten the center. With drywall, use a toggle screw.

Steps For Hanging Drywall On A Ceiling.

That said, a typical toggle bolt on standard drywall is rated for 150 pounds. However, different anchors should be used for different objects. Of cellulose in this attic, i put an extra screw in there just for my own protection.

I Think Toggle Bolts Are Fine For 10 Pounds.

To successfully hang a plant from the ceiling, you need the right tools for the job. Hang the drywall perpendicular to framing. Drill a hole up into the ceiling and into the.

For Bright Light To Bright Indirect Light:

Hold the wings or anchors together. After the wings open, tighten the end bolt flush to the ceiling. If you’re drilling into drywall use a swag hook that has a hinged clip at the top to anchor it against the opposite side of the drywall.


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