Famous Difference Between Thistle And Nyjer References. Nyjer seed resembles small grains of wild rice and is highly desirable by many finches for its high fat and protein content. Ad buy nyjer thistle on ebay.

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I think most manufacturers refer to it as nyger but i've seen it the other way too. Nyger, niger or thistle bird seed are all names for the same bird seed from africa. This article covers what birds particularly like niger thistle, the seeds history and the best ways to feed niger seed.

Written By Chris Uhtoff Of The Northwest Nature Shop The Popular Finch Seed Niger ( Guizotia Abyssinica ) Is Native […]

Thereof, what kind of birds eat thistle seed? Pelletory marlton, nj jan 01, 2008. The seed that attracts the widest variety of birds, and so the mainstay for most backyard bird feeders, is sunflower.

Nyger, Niger Or Thistle Bird Seed Are All Names For The Same Bird Seed From Africa.

Nyjer seeds are the tiny fruit of an annual herb native to the highlands of ethiopia. I’ve been investigating to see if we can plant nyjer bird seed from the package seed we buy for birds. Thistle species in the cirsium genus.

This Article Covers What Birds Particularly Like Niger Thistle, The Seeds History And The Best Ways To Feed Niger Seed.

Click to see full answer. Seed will come fresh to retailers from the manufacturer but it can go bad the longer it sits on the shelf. Thistle seed may not have a very long shelf life.

Nyjer Seed Resembles Small Grains Of Wild Rice And Is Highly Desirable By Many Finches For Its High Fat And Protein Content.

Your at the right place cbernard! Make sure you check all seed for signs of mold and insects before you buy it. According to the loegerings, attempts have been made to grow a type of nyjer in north america.

The Most Popular Birds That Eat Nyjer Include The Following:

The official name, nyjer, was picked in 1988 so as not to offend anyone with the name niger or to. Nyjer (r), niger, and thistle are all names used to identify a tiny, black birdseed cultivated in asia and africa that is high in calories and oil content, loved by finches and other wild birds, and has been used in the feeding of wild birds for more than 40 years. Nyjer = niger = thistle, it is all the same seed.


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