Review Of Black Thistle Bird Seed References. Other varieties of seed can help attract different types of birds to round out your backyard visitors. Nyjer comes mostly from africa.

Thistle Seed Copley Feed
Thistle Seed Copley Feed from

Thin shell, popular with all types of birds. Premium natural thistle / nyjer seed prefilled sock, wild birdfood, 13 oz. Add 1 to 2 inches of mulch, such as peat moss.

The Seed That Attracts The Widest Variety Of Birds, And So The Mainstay For Most Backyard Bird Feeders, Is Sunflower.

Top 10 birds that eat thistle. This plant is not the thistle plant that grows in the us. Nyjer seed is not thistle seed.

Black Nyjer Seed Is A Very Small Black Seed Highly Preferred By Finches.

The mourning dove was once known as the carolina pigeon and carolina turtledove. The most popular birds that eat nyjer include the following: Bird watchers put out thistle for goldfinches, pine siskins, and others.

It Is One Of The More Popular Seed Mixes Used By Backyard Birders And Can Be Found At Most Any Garden Center Either By Itself Or In A Birdseed Mix.

This seed goes by other names, including niger and nyger. Shafer seed 84075 white proso millet wild bird food. Thistles are a popular feed among quails, buntings, finches, doves, towhees, and sparrows.

Below, We’ll Break Down The Different Types Of Birdseed And What To Consider When Choosing Which Is Best For Your Outdoor Feeder.

It is believed to have originated in ethiopia, eritrea, and malawi and it is also grown in india. Nyjer is a highly nutritious and popular wild bird food with has a long spiky seed. Types of birdseed for outdoor feeders.

When I Started Feeding Thistle To The Birds, I Heard Somewhere That It Will Not Germinate.

Black thistle bird seed is known as niger, nyger or nyjer seed. Rats and squirrels aren’t interested in nyjer seed. While it is often called “thistle” seed, it is not actually related to the north american thistle plants you might be thinking of.


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