Cool Black Beauty Elephant Ear Indoors Ideas. It has puckered, dark purple leaves and thick black stems. Can grow taller than 6 feet!

Elephant Ear Plants, Taro plant, Indoor plants
Elephant Ear Plants, Taro plant, Indoor plants from

Care keep soil moist and add a controlled release fertilizer to the potting mix or garden soil. Avoid full sunlight, and maintain a temperature between 64 and 71°f. If you choose to go this route,.

Spreads Freely In Rich, Wet Soils;

Alocasia hilo beauty potting soil. This plant is perfect for a tropical patio feel, in container gardens, or planted in your garden in. These indoor elephant ear ideas.

Remember That Elephant Ear Leaves Can Grow Up To 3 Ft.

The black beauty is a compact elephant ear that grows 4 to 6 feet tall and wide. It is relatively easy to grow in the uk during the summer. Being a tropical plant, it loves bright and indirect light.

You Can Take Your Potted Alocasia.

Grow black magic elephant ears in full sun to partial shade, though keep in mind the leaves develop their deepest purple coloration under full sun. Black beauty colocasia elephant ear, this is a selection of our remarkable form. If your plant doesn't look just like the picture, give it a.

Keep It Near A Window Where The Plant Gets Plenty Of Air Circulation.

If you choose to go this route,. Plant them in a rich soil. If you’ll imagine intensifying the black leaf color and removing a number of the green veins of taro var.

The Elephant Ear Can Be Placed In The Shade As Well As In Full Light.

Colocasia black beauty elephant ear is a tropical plant with dark purple leaves and black stems. Antiquorum ‘illustris’, you’ll visualize taro var. Large foliage plants bring a lovely tropical feel indoors.


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