Famous Algae Based Air Purifier 2022. Skip to content in 2022, for every aerium shipped we are planting a tree with one tree planted cart $0. The air purifier developed by the students is successful in terms of not only removing 98% of harmful particles & matters but also increasing the amount of oxygen in the outside air.

Mercion Air Purifier Pm2.5 99.99 Removal Singapore Eezee
Mercion Air Purifier Pm2.5 99.99 Removal Singapore Eezee from eezee.sg

Additionally, it filters out allergens from the air such as dust, pollen, and bacteria. The simple answer to this question is ‘yes’. Your shortcut to the best travel deals.

It Can Be Used As A Cooking Oil.

Algae oil can be burned as a source of energy. A system for purifying a polluted air by using algae such as spirulina is capable of reducing carbon dioxide (co 2 ), nitrogen oxide (no x ) and/or sulfur oxide (so x ) in the polluted air and generating oxygen. Compare 100s of flights & airline tickets.

Students Anant Kumar Rajput And Deepak Deb, Along With Phd Scholar Ravneet Kumar From Iiser, Have Conducted The Research And Developed A Unique Air Purifier.

For the air purifier, the algae have been used as. The purifier will not only neutralize 98 percent of the harmful gasses and particulate matter in the air but will also increase the amount of oxygen making indoors more breathable. Introducing the world's first natural air purifier that uses algae to clean the air we breathe.

Naveen Luthra, Head Of The Division Of Startup.

Investing in indoor plants can be an affordable way to remove co2 from your home. The aerium removes carbon dioxide and produces oxygen as effectively as 25 house plants for a fraction of the cost, time, and space. Alwe looks like an inconspicuous, minimalist framed art piece, but its function can improve the health of those in the home or office.

The Wall Panel Is Made Of Microalgae That Absorb Pollutants.

Not only do both plants and the aerium help to purify the. Algae is responsible for 40% of the world’s carbon fixation, due to the capacity for individual algae cells to capture co2. Additionally, it filters out allergens from the air such as dust, pollen, and bacteria.

In The Vast Oceans Where Algae Naturally Grow, It Absorbs The Carbon Dioxide From The Air And Exports It To The Depths Of The Ocean.

The best part it converts carbon dioxide into oxygen, which helps in purifying the air. In each park, sampling sites were selected in. “there are several air purifiers available in.


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